Sacred Hearts Club – Foster The People (Album Review)

Rating – ***** (5/5 STARS)

Would I recommend? – 100%, an amazing album from start to finish

Favourite tracks  – ‘Doing It For The Money’, ‘SHC’ and ‘Lotus Eater’


I’m going to be completely honest,  I’m not usually a ‘sit down and listen to a whole album’ type of person, I usually prefer to hear it a few tracks at a time over the space of a few days as I find I get bored, however, I couldn’t stop listening to Sacred Hearts Club. It doesn’t have a specific ‘sound’ – there are tracks that, in all honesty, sound like a completely different band (‘Lotus Eater’ and Loyal like Sid & Nancy’  in particular) and I am all for it. I love it when bands aren’t afraid to experiment with a different ‘sound’ and it has been a complete success for Foster the People.



Desire – Everything Everything

‘Desire’ is the second single off Everything Everything’s upcoming album ‘A Fever Dream’ which is released on the 18th August. I’ll admit, it took a few listens for this song to grow on me but now I can’t get it out of my head. There is something about Jonathan Higgs’ impressively high voice that just sticks with you long after the song has finished. It’s a great new single that I would definitely check out.


Cool Girl – Tove Lo

Tove Lo is the singer that brought us massive hits such as ‘Talking Body’ and ‘Habits (Stay High)’ which dominated the radio stations for weeks back in 2014.  Cool Girl is incredibly catchy and is guaranteed have you singing (and dancing) along by the end of the song. Also, make sure you check out the music video for this track – it’s one of the strangest I’ve seen in a while!


Cherry – Lana Del Rey

As a long time Lana fan even I can admit I have waited for a song to top those on ‘paradise’. In my mind, nothing would ever be able to compare to songs such as ride or gods and monsters and whilst I enjoyed her new material I always felt as though it was missing something. It appears that something has been found in her new album ‘Lust for life’ and Cherry (my personal favourite) is the kind of song I have wanted her to release for years.