Sacred Hearts Club – Foster The People (Album Review)

Rating – ***** (5/5 STARS)

Would I recommend? – 100%, an amazing album from start to finish

Favourite tracks  – ‘Doing It For The Money’, ‘SHC’ and ‘Lotus Eater’


I’m going to be completely honest,  I’m not usually a ‘sit down and listen to a whole album’ type of person, I usually prefer to hear it a few tracks at a time over the space of a few days as I find I get bored, however, I couldn’t stop listening to Sacred Hearts Club. It doesn’t have a specific ‘sound’ – there are tracks that, in all honesty, sound like a completely different band (‘Lotus Eater’ and Loyal like Sid & Nancy’  in particular) and I am all for it. I love it when bands aren’t afraid to experiment with a different ‘sound’ and it has been a complete success for Foster the People.